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Lighter and more compact - that's how Yamaha have made their latest-generation F80 even faster and more powerful

When you have pioneered the development and production of the most advanced outboard engines in the world - and you offer your customers the widest and most ideal model line-up, with clean, smooth, economical 4-stroke outboard power to suit every possible application, what comes next?

If you are Yamaha, you expand and exploit your huge experience with that technology, to improve and refine your flagship models still further.

A case in point was the recently launched F100, which is now joined by an exciting partner engine in the same family, the stunning new F80. Already well established around the world as highly desirable mid-range engines with outstanding performance, particularly for watersports, offshore fishing and leisure activities, both these great new outboards now feature even more power and yet faster acceleration.

Without compromising the legendary strength and reliability for which all Yamaha engines are world-famous, our engineers have not only re-designed certain components to make this latest F80 even more compact, but at the same time, a significant weight saving has been achieved. Result? More power, more speed and even sharper out-of-the-hole acceleration. These factors contribute to making any boat feel livelier and more responsive - and provide the perfect solution for owners of older 2-stroke engines, who want to enjoy the many irresistible benefits of having the very latest 4-stroke technology on the stern.

The F80 not only delivers a higher level of performance, but does it even more smoothly and quietly, with ultra-low sound and vibration levels - particularly noticeable at lower operating speeds - thanks to the re-design of both the exhaust system and the rubber engine mounts, an additional intake silencer, a new long-span mounting system … and the improved rigidity we've designed into the engine unit itself.

Full compatibility with Yamaha's unique Digital Network System brings with it an impressive array of sophisticated control functions and options, including availability of a wide range of digital gauges and the exclusive Y-COP immobilizer security system.

Another attractive advantage of linking the F80 with the Digital Network System is the availability of VTS (Variable Trolling Speed) system, which not only provides a lower than normal idle speed, but also means you can control your trolling speed in simple 50 rpm steps - ideal for fishing, for example.
With its stylish graphics and cleverly designed water-draining side air intake duct, our latest top cowling design completes the picture of the exciting new F80. The really solid look and feel of this exciting new engine is just the sort of thing that Yamaha owners really notice and appreciate.